Akali - League of Legends

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My next self made project is Akali from LoL. Hope you wanna support this cosplay: materials will be high quality as always (and this means expensive). Many conventions has been deleted so most of my cosplay income is now = zero. I always post tons of free wip in my ig stories, so you can see the costume progress. - If you wanna contribute with a cost of a coffee, feel free to do it and leave your ig name to be tagged! There are unpublished selfies as rewards too!


Hi there, I'm in Italian cosplayer who makes her own costumes. I also love to keep fit, hot tea and cats! Wanna support me? Let's sit in a warm place and drink an hot drink together!

Sweet Angel
With ko-fi you can support my cosplay projects! 𝐑𝐄𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐒 3 ☕: 3 selfie Jibril 4 ☕: 4 selfie Holo 5 ☕: 6 selfie Yoko 6 ☕: 7 selfie Froppy 10 ☕: 15 selfie mix ⚔️ WORK IN PROGRESS: Riven & Akali from League of Legends

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