Bought me coffee? Get some traditional art! ヾ(*^u^)シ Send a character (fandom, OC, D&D, you name it!) with the message and I'll draw them for you. More coffee = more detail! CLEAN SKETCH: - Bust/headshot: 1 ☕ - Waist up: 2 ☕ - Full body: 4 ☕ LINEART (optional simple shading): - Bust/headshot: 3 ☕ - Waist up: 5 ☕ - Full body: 7 ☕ FULL COLOUR (traditional - watercolour, markers, mixed media, etc.): - Bust/headshot: 6 ☕ - Waist up: 8 ☕ - Full body: 10 ☕ SIMPLE BACKGROUND: +1 ☕ ROUGH SKETCH (pencil/ballpoint pen): 1 ☕ Want a high res image? Include contact details in the message (don't worry, can make it private) and I'll send you a scan of the artwork! ^_^ (I'll upload samples once exam season calms down, but until then, check out my work on Instagram - @talagosiel)

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