READ BEFORE DONATING: • Please only donate if you can afford to and that you are taking care of yourself, that you are only donating to support the channel and me as a creator. • Please do not donate for personal gain, attention or to earn extra respect and think you can get away with doing disrespectful things. I will happilly shout you out, thank you and possibly make a gift but if you are disrespectful, do not expect respect from me in return. • You are donating because you want to help the channel, you are not donating to try get close to me or earn my respect. I will respect you as long as you are a respectful person behind the donating. Thank you. ----- Hello! I'm Tara. I'm a content creator for the channels xfantasybr0, zsonicxcouplez & tarasdiary. I enjoy making videos & I love to inspire others. Thank you all so so much for the huge support you have given me! I appreciate that there's been so many donations through this Ko-Fi.

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