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Team Manticore is a husband and wife artistic duo making movies, paintings, crafts, games, comics, short stories, poems, and whatever else we are inspired to create. We want to give a little spooky love to the world, and find like-minded frightdorable people!

Team Manticore
Rowyn Golde and Robert Silver are Team Manticore; a husband and wife partnership making comics, films, games, plushies, and whatever else comes to mind. Rowyn Golde has been studying art all of her life. Long after her stint as an art student, she continued spending time incorporating various mediums and is unparalleled in facial expressions (in Rob's opinion). Deddrie: The Cornsbrook Killer was a webcomic that went on from 2003 to 2016. Oh Hell, Donna! is still going strong as a three volume graphic novel, with a page posted twice a week. (Sunday and Wednesday) Rowyn has a million other comics waiting to join in on the fun too, and otherwise creates strange plushies and paintings. Rob Silver is an autodidact that read a book on making stuff once. He has been making comics since his semi-autobiographical work "Future Leaders of the World" which ran from 2007 to 2010. Unmedicated was started in 2008 and now updates Tuesdays. Its a non-sequitur with political commentary, philosophy, and a potato. He is currently editing EVE, a full length feature film he wrote and directed. The visual cut is finished and he is now working on the sound design. He occasionally paints and has been in a few bands, and hopes to do more music composition in the near future. Multi-talented, that Rob (in Rowyn's opinion). Why help us? Well: Your support can help us keep making comics as well as provide us the opportunity to pursue our other creative projects. We will be able to come out with more stuff more often as well as experiment with media. Some examples of what your contribution will support are - Animated Deddrie Shorts - Sketch comedy shorts via Unmedicated - A children's book about friendship and love with beautiful watercolor images (Peas and Luv, which was successfully funded!) - A board game where you play as survivors or zombies (Dead/Run) - A comic about a little girl befriending the monster under her bed (Boop in the Night) - A video game where you can explore Cornsbrook, the world where all of Rowyn's fiction takes place (Escape from Cornsbrook) - And of course, more books from Unmedicated and Oh Hell Donna! (And a Deddrie collection!)

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