To Buy Wood, Paint, Glue, Polymer Clay and Other Lovely Stuff!

12% of £50 goal

As every penny I earn keeps me happily supplied with glue, paint, wood, tools, paintbrushes and lots of other lovely stuff, £50 will happily keep me prowling the aisles of my local DIY store! And I can definitely buy some more tea bags!


'Of All Romances in Miniature... Perhaps this is the Best Shape in which Romance Can Appear.' ~ Lord Byron Hello! My name is Tee Bylo and I am artist and storyteller creating 'Small Worlds' If you have enjoyed your visit to my world and would like to cheer me on - a delicious drink would be REALLY appreciated! I love tea and take it with milk and sugar and occasionally with a chocolate biscuit or three...

Tee Bylo
Every penny I earn keeps me happily supplied (and sane!) with glue, paint, wood, polymer clay and lots of other lovely stuff I use to create my 'Small Worlds' AND it would be nice to buy a few teabags too!

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