Alex Borleis

Hello Friends! Alex here! I am a HS art/photo teacher and aspiring comic creator/illustrator. My hope is to use this page not only to sell my art (and stickers) but also as a way to fund the creation of my comic, Adventures with Charlie and the publishing of two children's books, Fox and Why Does the Wolf Howl? Adventures with Charlie Alice Reynolds is your average sixteen-year-old. She's got normal parents, including a happy-go-lucky mother who takes her new age appreciation of "healing crystals" to a new level and a father who has a job that requires them to move around a lot. She has an annoying younger brother Max who is constantly underfoot. She enjoys the normal average sixteen-year-old hobbies of listening to her music loud enough to drown out the people around her, shoving her face in books to avoid conversation, and eating as much food as she wants without gaining a pound. Alice is new to town and ready to not talk to people. Oh, and she can also see ghosts. Charlie was twelve-years-old when he died during the summer of 1995. He doesn't remember how he died or why he just knows he's dead and has been stuck in his bedroom for the last twenty-two years. People can't see him or talk to him and it sucks. So he has what fun he can by hiding things, moving things around, and generally freaking out whoever owns his house currently. For the most part, he's bored. When the Reynolds move in, Charlie figures it'll be more of the same only this time someone can see him. Fox - GOAL CURRENTLY ONBOARD A Children's Book that I wrote in 2018 and illustrated with watercolor and ink for my Masters of Art Education graduate program. Learn about the early life cycle of Foxes and other interesting facts. Why Does the Wolf Howl? - NEXT GOAL AFTER FOX IS FUNDED A Children's Book that I wrote in 2019 and illustrated with watercolor and ink for my Masters of Art Education graduate program. Follow a pack of wolves as they migrate through winter while answering the age-old question, why does the wolf howl? So thanks for reading and thanks for your support!

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