We're so glad you're here and THANK YOU for visiting our little "KOFI SHOP" Bookstore, Free 24/7 Audio Poem Readings (just click on "Go To Shop" and listen FREE to any of the free poems) and be sure to look around the shop for our latest BOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS AND MORE! VISUALIZE THIS... You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous reality, whose only boundaries are that of pure energy, brilliant, beautiful, and comforting lights. Amidst this tapestry of sound, colors, and vibrations, where pain, loss and the joy of eternal bonds converge, yet as of now only guided by mysteries, you are now welcomed to hear and read the truths from proven ,established , quantum physics, new science, human anatomy, and learn of the timeless, vibrational dances ,of energies around you now . We'll be stocking the shelves with romantic, beautifully crafted poems about life and the afterlife that we call "POETIC RAPTURE" and for those dark rainy days ahead at night when you just want to curl up by a nice crackling fireplace and read or listen to a spooky tale, we'll have those for you as well that we call "POETIC SHADOWS". We're excited about our new series called "Deathology 101" where you will get the life changing answers now from 21st Century Science discoveries and physics about the death of the human body that you need to know, to evolve, but more importantly, to comfort you and make you feel better about what is real and not real, what is important to you , and what is not. WHY? because way back in college when I wrote my senior thesis at Tulsa University based from Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross's book on Death & Dying, from that moment forward I was interested NOT in all the old 19th Century theories, theologians preaching of fire & brimstone ideas about death and dying but wanted to research more about it through science & medicine , leading to my eventual internship in the medical field and then into teaching Anatomy at a local college. Over a decade of teaching about the human mind and body's science, I learned and SAW what advancements in medicine was uncovering and through even more research prompted from the loss of my wife in 2019, I was determined to explore new avenues of ideas and information that finally resulted in ANSWERS , answers that I PERSONALLY NEEDED to help me cope, understand, and plan my own life ahead. And now, they will be shared with you, one heart beat at a time. See that radiant, bright, beautiful revolving beacon of truth light ahead? You've now arrived. Enjoy the light, the truths and the journey towards your enlightenment. Doug Mac

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