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Elementally Functional Family Fitness
Taking a break from massage therapy, thanks to COVID-19, highlighted how much I enjoy providing self-care guidance, and motivated me to get certified as a Functional Training Specialist. EFF Fitness is based in Kingsland, in the Texas Hill Country; near the Horseshoe Bay Resort’s Bayside Spa, where I’m a full-time massage therapist. If you are looking for a local experience, book a stay at the historic Antler’s Inn. They have train cars as optional accommodations! When you’re visiting the area, I can bring the class to you; and if you live in the Highland Lakes region, to your preferred location. I developed a structured approach for flow-arts/intuitive movement after encouragement to create a specific format to teach Hoopment, in 2017. By mid-summer 2020, I perceived Hoopment as advanced training; and removed the implements...resulting with Elementally Intuitive Movement. Body-weight exercises are helpful for growing bodies; healthy bone mass requires safe stress--proprioception and balance training help us get a sense of where our bodies are in space, as well as support the development of strong bones and muscles. Working deliberately with implements adds to the practice…Elemental implements composed of Wood, Stone, Metal, Water, Air… Master any one Element, and you *could* move on to fire dancing--after practicing with the fire implement unlit, proving your mastery to yourself and others--if you so choose. I recommend mastering them all! For Hoopment, you can craft your own tools out of water pipe; balls are easily bought; the stones & sticks must be sought. Some implements are found...and sometimes, the implements find you. Pay attention. Thank you for caring and sharing! EFF Fitness Up Memberships are available for $123/month; once you set up your monthly subscription, we can schedule your in-person monthly EIM or Hoopment session. At-home massage sessions are available to members, after 3 months of EIM practice. Membership is limited. Thank you for your service sharing selves; we laud, lift, love you so much. TYFY3S W3LYSM!

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