Elementally Functional Family Fitness
Taking a good long break from massage therapy, thanks to COVID-19, has highlighted how much I prefer providing self-care education, vs. providing the care myself, hands-on. Education can be provided hands-off; at a safe-distance; either outdoors or via video-chat. Physical education is important--whether at home or at school. This page is intended as a resource for teachers and parents; with Intuitive Movement 101 shared freely with everyone. IM 101 is a mindful body-weight training exercise, based in flow-arts training. I devised it after encouragement to create a specific format (six levels of movement) to teach Hoopment (TheHoopment.us), in 2017. I have found that *gentle* mobilizing works best for my body; not inflaming either delayed pressure urticaria or myofascial pain/trigger points. By mid-summer 2020, I recognized Hoopment as advanced training; and decided to remove the implements--focus on form....and we get Intuitive Movement 101. Body-weight exercises are helpful for growing bodies; healthy bone mass requires safe stress--proprioception and balance training help us get a sense of where our bodies are in space, as well as support the development of strong bones and muscles. For supporters, I am producing three sets of implement classes to work with: Hoopment (water), Sphere Play (air), & Heart Stone (earth). Master any one implement, and you could move on to fire dancing, if you so choose. I recommend mastering all 4. For Hoopment, you have to make your own tools out of water pipe; balls are easily bought; and the stones must be sought. Show your support once, and get access to a month, so you can see if what I'm offering helps support your self-care; monthly subscribers get unlimited access to all the content I've produced. It's a small investment into your health, and much appreciated one. Thank you for caring and sharing!

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