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Hoompent Educational Resources...Hi! Hoopment is a gentle, conscious movement practice. It's a break-down of how to allow smaller diameter hoops to move our bodies through that we are confident enough to use any implement--or simply move our bodies, freely--and dance.. I’m Margarita; you can call me Mar. I've been a practicing massage therapist since 2003; COVID-19 changed the game for all of us. Sharing self-care with my clients is a passion; the longer I serviced vessels through massage, the more I recognized: it's easier to help maintain a vessel that is being maintained by it's navigator--you. I've found an effective, intuitive practice that supports my body without flaring up pressure hives (DPU) or trigger points (MPS); maybe it could benefit you, too.

HOOPTEES Internationale, HER
Through Ko-fi, I will be sharing my self-care practice with you--so you are motivated to keep up me. Hoopment is a type of Functional Movement Training; that was inspired by Flow Arts. It's focus is not on "tricks and tech;" the goal is maintaining confident, effective and efficient movement, for a lifetime--through daily mobilization practice. For folks who don't have hoops, I have movement practices that don't require hoops...or any implement at all--our bodies are enough. (Hoopologie is selling hoop supplies, if you want to make your own; instructions at I will also be demonstrating movement using more common house-hold items, so that anyone can join me, and support their own self-care. My body is very particular regarding what kind of exercises/repetitive motions I engage in. The first quarter of my life, I was clumsy; uncoordinated; and had a terrible sense of where my body was in space (proprioception). Then I found flow Arts (thank you Marsha), and at 25, my life changed—intuitive movement that helped my body feel better. And mind. Between Delayed Pressure Urticaria and trigger-point/myofascial pain, I have very tangible boundaries that I need to respect. By limiting me, those boundaries set me free to explore what *I CAN* do (which is less than avg) effectively--which means not hurting my body; plus increased mobility/pain reduction. I have to keep it up, as a daily practice, for it to keep working...for my vessel to keep operating well. That's self-care: maintaining my vessel in a functional operating capacity; as the navigator who lives within and through it--I must take care of my vessel. I'm already doing it for myself. Sharing it with you, motivates me to keep it up--so that you can keep up with me, and support your self-care, at the same time. Gently! And with laughter. "Laughing Movement" is inspired by Laughter Yoga, co-created by Madhuri & Dr. Madan Kataria in the mid-90's. I am not a certified Laughter Yoga Leader...I'm just a gal who likes to laugh, and saw the benefit of adding laughter to exercise...because vagal toning and tension relief! Hopefully you will laugh with me (and at me, that's fine!) as we support each other. I started sharing, in 2017, on Instagram @thehoopment. Check out my videos there, in the meantime. Thank you. I appreciate you. More free tools at & Enjoy! And share.

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