Paintless The Laughing Caribou

My history of painting with non-paints stretches back over a decade. In the beginning, everything was pencil and pen. While traditional paints were introduced in school, the process always seemed so sterile coming from a tube, bottle or jar. I wanted my colors to tell stories beyond their names. I didn't want my red to be just "Currant Red"; I wanted my red to be "This wonderful wine I was sipping while I painted a sunset". I didn't want my blue to be just "Iris Blue"; I wanted my blue to be from an actual iris I happened upon while hiking a grand mountain. My colors do not have manufacturer's numbers; they have lives. These days, I paint with the coffee spectrum of flavor. From the bold, dark browns of power roasts to the light, vivacious tans of brilliant blends, and every shade of aroma in between. My art reflects the joy of authoring my own pigments, both intentionally and by "happy" accident! In everything, I want my art to reflect good taste and taste good. Good art takes time. Great art takes more time.

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