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The Nonbinarian

What else needs to be paid for if we already have the bike? Bike storage & books! Your recurring payment through monthly membership means you'll be supporting the ongoing success & future of The Nonbinarian Book Bike! With a $10/month membership, you will be directly contributing to housing not only the book bike, but the inventory too. This will cover the cost of the storage unit, which will ensure the bike's longevity. Having a space for inventory too means we will now be able to coordinate book donation drop off appointments, store the books in a centralized location, & take stock of our inventory. While we source most of our books from comp copies or used donations, there may come a time that we want to invest in specific inventory that we just aren't seeing so that we aren't limited to offering only certain kinds of queer titles, but grow into a more expansive selection. With a recurring donation, not only will you be paying for storage, which is our immediate need, but you will also be contributing to us purchasing the books we will most need for distribution. In solidarity, The Nonbinarian

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