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The Numerology Lady
If you're looking for a way to figure out your place in the universe and you believe the esoteric study of numbers will help you with that, then you have arrived to the right place! My name is Nicole! I discovered numerology in the 80s during high school and had fun telling fortunes in the girls’ washroom while skipping class. I rediscovered it a few years later when I was trying to work my way through the Thoth Tarot and New Orleans Voodoo Tarot. Over the years I’ve cultivated my own reading style that incorporates Chaldean Numerology, Tarot, and astronumerology. I’m neordivergent and ready to help you wade through one of my special interests! This is your home to learn about numerology and how to relate it to Tarot, with a side order of astronumerology, just to keep things spicy. The Tarot is a familiar and popular method of divination so I use it to visualize number charts. I’ll show you how I read the Tarot using numerology. We will move beyond the meanings in the Little White Book and dive deep into the cards. In future tiers we investigate chart construction, personality delineation, and a big favourite of mine - the hidden interpretations of letters. We’ll go on a magical journey through the alphabet. You’ll never look at words the same way again. We’ll also investigate numerological forecasting, progressed charts, and timing. I’ll also be sharing progress of the individual Tarot cards I create for collaborative decks. Whether you’re completely new to numerology or you’ve been at it for a while, I believe you’ll find something here. As a supporter you will be helping to support the continued creation of my blog and TikTok content. If you’re looking to move beyond the beginner numerology books, I'm excited to be your guide.

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