The One True Nobody!

How do you do there, fellow nerds. The name's Lewis. You might or might not know me as one quarter of the regular BrainScratch Commentaries crew over on YouTube, but this Ko-fi page is all about my individual projects. Currently that mostly just means livestream playthroughs on Twitch, but over time I plan to expand the focus of this page to include independent YouTube video-making projects of other kinds, as well as to my writing once I'm confident enough in its quality. In exchange for that support, I will push myself to host more livestreams on my Twitch channel and will also produce more content for BrainScratch Commentaries. In time, I will also produce those other types of content that I've mentioned earlier. Any donations given through this page will support the following expenditures: - Supplementing my basic living as needed (making sure my rent and bills are paid and that I have adequate food). - Purchasing games, consoles, or equipment to create more and high-quality content for Twitch and YouTube. - Between the above two, it will also enable me to dedicate more hours of my day to honing my writing skills and getting to the point where I can at last put forward original works of fiction that I am confident in. To those of you who choose to support me in this, thank you for your trust and for your help. Sincerely, Lewis Medeiros

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