Dedicated laptop for ARM version of PsychOS

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If anyone wants an ARM version of PsychOS, I will need a laptop I can dedicate to it. Using an RPi or VM does not account for issues only a laptop can produce. An ARM version may also be beneficial for future mobile devices, but let's focus on one thing at time.


I'm TheOuterLinux, and I love giving complete strangers "nerdgasms" using FOSS, GNU/Linux, DOS, and other old-school computer systems. Current top-priority projects: -------------------------------------- 1. PsychOS - a GNU/Linux operating system ( 2. RetroGrab - You'll have to read this: Future plans: ------------------ 1. PsychDOS (PsychOS 3.5") - Try to figure out how to fork FreeDOS... 2. Spend some actual quality time creating/experimenting with [more] software for various older systems (z80, 6502, etc.) and document experiences but through a more readily available, easy to acquire context such as emulators and cross-development packages (FreeBASIC, Free Pascal, cc65, Z80-ASM, etc. ). 3. Create a video game?


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