Hi there, thank you for reading! Creating costumes and vintage fashion is a passion for me, from seeking Inspiration, to the research over making it (which is the hardest part usually) to making it into a video to finally wearing ( and twirling in) the things I made, I am in love with the whole process! Fortunately I am able to afford most of my hobby, A privilege that not everyone has, but still sewing costumes is pricey hobby and there is a lot that goes into it, not just the fabric and trims, but also yarns, tools, historical material, the patterns, books for further education, equipment for youtube ( Camera, Microphone, laptop with decent performance) and not to forget the work, and though I am more than happy to put the time and money into everything, I still often have to make shortcuts. So, I will set up goals so you can see what you would support currently, an if you enjoy my work or like to watch my videos, you can support me on here with 3€ or more, which actually equals the coffee price here and yes i need a lot xD important side note: If you have supported me and are active on Instagram you can give me your handle, I will add extra stories on my profile exclusively for my supporters! I will share mroe process pictures on there, as well as editing updates, but also a poll here and there ;)

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