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I'm a furry who happens to also be a writer. My stories are usually for a fairly select audience and it's advised that you be of the proper age to consume them. I also produce a segment for a show called Fur What It's Worth, that segment is all about space news.

Smokescale Aquatos
Hello! First off, thanks for clicking and coming here. We understand you have a choice of places to visit on the internet and appreciate you choosing to visit this one! I know that some folks aren't fond of Patreon. I know some folks aren't fond of buying things on Amazon. And I know some of those folks still want to show their support. So, here we go, a lil tip-jar type thing! I've been writing in the fandom as far back at 2002, and I've been making space news segments for a few years now. If you like what I do and want to help me get there, please consider dropping me a tip. I would really appreciate it.

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