TheUniqueBead was designed for mixed Native Americans who feel like they have no idea how to connect with their heritage. Because of the unique identity challenges mixed Natives face, it’s hard for us to relate to other cultural groups because we are usually seen as “not being enough of” [insert cultural group here]. I want to use my Ko-fi page to fund projects and content that support mixed-indigenous creators & makers. Providing education, beadwork and regalia kits, Q & A Sessions and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------- Each coffee donated gets a special “Thank You!” shoutout on Instagram with a cute doodle in my Stories & Highlights so make sure you send me your IG handle if you want a tag. -------------------------------------------------------------- Commissions are CLOSED -Beadwork and sets -Regalia -Custom Clothing -Design Services and more! You can see more of my work on Instagram @theuniquebead

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