The Warwick BoArchive Project

We’ve been creating conversation on campus since 1973… but we can’t continue printing without your help. Like many other student papers, we have struggled to keep afloat over the past year. Since its inception in 1973, The Boar has been an essential part of life on Warwick University campus. We’ve kept students informed - most notably through the Group Chat Investigation, which proved that we are a publication students trust to handle their stories with compassion. We also spark tangible change, seen most recently by our Sexism in Sport article prompting the SU to consider measures to combat the issues raised. We’ve already cut our fortnightly paper down to a monthly edition and we would be devastated to see it go completely. That’s why we are launching our BoArchives fundraising project to raise money for the print edition of The Boar. Unlike many other student papers, we operate independently from both the University and the Student’s Union - which also means we don’t receive funding from either. We don’t want to compromise the unique position that The Boar has held since its creation in holding those in charge of the university to account, which is why we’re now asking for help from the public in order to continue our work. We’ve been printing for almost fifty years and have helped alumni go onto work for The Sunday Times, Sky News and many more heralded publications. Alongside this, we offer underrepresented groups within media a chance to develop skills in journalism that aren’t accessible elsewhere (such as InDesign and Photoshop). We are continually working towards more ways to help diversify the industry in the future by equipping students with the valuable experience they need to break through. That’s why saving print is so important - there are very little, if any, opportunities for underrepresented students to gain technical skills needed to access the industry of print journalism, which is the experience we offer through the creation of the paper. We know many of you are students who won’t have the budget for big donations, but we would be grateful for anything you can give. Thank you for taking the time to consider our appeal, and for continuing to support independent student journalism. Kind regards, Cerys Turner EIC

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