Think Big Studios

Think Big Studios was established in 2018 by two young eclectic producers: Thomas Bernecker and ShiSha Rainbow. We’re based in Berlin, Germany. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to produce powerful big screen adventures. When it comes to producing movies, the most important aspect for us isn’t only creating a visually captivating picture, it’s about developing a catching and profound story. Many filmmakers are able to create good-looking cinematography however we want to focus on capturing true emotions and creating undeniably believable character development. We’re on the pursuit of establishing our own unique German cinematic aesthetic. We aim to offer the viewer the space to escape the mundane and instead transgress into our provocative universe Our radically proactive positive approach and Think Big mindset allows limitless possibilities despite small budgets. We are striving to do better on every new project so hop on board because the journey has just begun!

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