Premium Issue to Free Distribution

52% of $250 goal

The free newsletter gets a subset of the stories from the full “Premium” edition — usually 5 of the 12-14 stories. EVERY TIME this goal is met, the next issue sent to the free subscribers will be the full Premium edition: I’ll reset the goal each time it’s met, and thanks! Resets so far: April 6, April 11, April 13, April 21, May 27 — FIVE Premium issues to the free subscribers.


This is True is the oldest online entertainment feature (since 1994). Its mission is to promote more thinking in the world using entertaining examples. Contributions help pay for multiple servers that bring you This is True's web sites (not just, but also and, among others), emails, and podcasts, or use the comment function to specify an aspect you wish to particularly support. I read every message sent with contributions. Thanks so very much for helping TRUE’s mission! —Randy

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