Hello everyone! Here's Vanessa from THTFHQ bringing you... well, a Ko-fi page! This is an alternative to Patreon, in which you can show your support for the content created at THTFHQ - news articles, reviews, Seiyuu Digests, podcast SEIYUU LOUNGE - without the compromise of Patreon's monthly fees. I am keeping this page as an alternative to Patreon, setting a goal that is common to both pages: remove ads on the website. I will keep adding goals to this page as each one is met. Regardless if you want to contribute because you enjoyed an episode of SEIYUU LOUNGE or I, by sheer luck, covered your favorite male seiyuu on Seiyuu Digest or you simply want to support the project, no strings-attached, this Ko-fi page is your friend! Thank you to everyone that is supporting THTFHQ!

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