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Delving deep into the Tiny Rabbit Hole, you will find a whole new world of whimsical creatures in rainbows and pastels, dominated by the rabbits. Every creature is handmade by Angie, and given a soul made out of stuffing. Hug them to sleep and you’ll have sweet dreams nightly.

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Tiny Rabbit Hole by Angie
The magical journey of Angie started when she was only 10 years old when she learned to crochet from a master in a small humble yarn shop. In her life, she has done many various forms of creative stuff such as live drawing, 3D design, and UX design. Not long ago, Angie went on an artistic pilgrimage for 4 years around Australia and Europe. Through her adventure, she met all kinds of artists and designers, visited fine art galleries and art and craft markets. And finally, her heart settled when she was in Australia. In the backyard of her house, Angie crocheted her first Amigurumi bunny. Today Angie is back to her homeland, Singapore, to crochet everything out of her heart.

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