Tony's Lines

Hi ! I'm here showcasing Tony's work. Tony is a software guru, and a surfboard shaper. He spent the last years scanning and digitalizing tons of surfboards and built a database you would dream to access to. You'll find on this Ko-Fi some results Tony got during his journey : - full-scale shaping plans with according rocker, finbox position for a wide variety of boards, available for free - blog posts about surfboard shaping technical data - a commission section to order CNC files (.s3dx) All of this is personal work, based on real boards, from latest-to-date thruster to forever classics. The purpose is to help you shape or to understand the boards you're dreaming of. (Before you ask, Tony digitalized the board that won the famous Anonymous Black Boards Show With Superstars Who Choose The Best Thruster Accessible via Surf Mag Premium 2023®, and plan to continue for upcoming years). The plans accessible for free, but I need some support to continue showcasing Tony's work, that's why you can help me with Ko-fi's donations, and ask for extra features (shape3dx files, custom plans, intermediate sizings...etc). With enough support, this page will provide new designs every month, in order to become a complete shaping database. Thank you, have fun shaping HOW IT WORKS & FAQ in "Posts" section FREE TEMPLATES on "Gallery" section

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