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About us! TruckSimFM is an online radio station dedicated to bringing the best music right to your truck cab! 24/7 365 day's a year we are here to entertain you we are a fully licensed under the following licenses PPL & PRS. TruckSimFM was created in November 2018 and was a rebrand from the name EuroTruckRadio which was created in 2016 but since then we have grown in size and our team! We have you guys to thank for this all donations are gratefully invested right back into the radio. We thank each and everyone for their support over the years and without you amazing listeners we wouldn't be where we are today so THANK YOU! We have a couple of special Ko-Fi packages that you might like to try and become a special part of TruckSimFM helping us on this amazing journey. Our Team TruckSimFM is run by 5 Admins & 5 Moderators who ensure the station runs to its full potential we also have a fantastic team of presenters who broadcast in their free time creating fantastic shows for your ears. Our current number of presenters stands at (25) We are also hiring all the time so be sure to check our website for more info if you are interested. Technical info Technical info regarding how we broadcast and how we maintain the best performance our radio is broadcast using 320kps which is the max performance of any internet station giving the best out of every track you hear. Our servers are built to sustain an uptime of a whopping 99.99%! We use the very latest version of ShoutCast since ShoutCast was brought out in July 2018 there has been many changes in the software and we have had to keep up to date. To ensure we can continue to give you the best radio possible we also have a 1gig port this ensures you never experience buffering when tuned into us! How to tune in? There are many ways to tune into us via our website being one TruckSim.FM or in game on ETS2 ATS or Farming Simulator 22. Or you can find us via ShoutCast or Tunein also we support If you know ways we can not support you let us know.

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