UAP Medical Coalition

In June of 2021 the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued a report which stated that UAP/UFO exist as described and are a threat to national security and aviation safety. Further, it stated that there is a stigma that is inhibiting dialog and research. In addition to the stigma that is blocking research and discussion about UAP, there is a long history of UAP/UFO causing physical and psychological issues for those who are exposed to them. These issues create serious considerations for people that have had UAP/UFO exposures, their families and friends, their communities, and society. Further, the scope of the problem of UAP/UFO exposures extends beyond witness/victims and includes mental health and medical professionals, law enforcement, first responders, policymakers and other key stakeholders. UAPMed provides medical and mental health professionals with resources and guidance to address the variety of health effects associated with UAP exposures. UAPMed advocates for a reduction in stigma and removal of barriers to patient care, and is dedicated to serving the public by promoting safety through policy development, education, and outreach. The UAP Medical Coalition was founded in May of 2022 by Ted Roe, a UAP advocate with decades of experience working with the UAP subject. As a cofounder of, the AIAA UAP/aviation safety program, and founder of the UAP Medical Coalition, he brings experience and practical perspective to the reality of UAP/UFO and their implications for society. Currently, there are about 25 volunteer members/staff at UAP Medical Coalition. All donations to UAP Medical Coalition/Ted Roe support operations, outreach, and functions of the program. Currently, there are no paid staff and nonprofit status is pending.

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