UK Distressed Property

WHAT IS THE DISTRESSED PROPERTY LIST? Simply, it is a shortlist of properties that have the potential to be purchased at a discount due to the motivations of the seller and other factors impacting the sale. A distressed property is a property that has motivated sellers as a result of the following: ✅ has been repossessed ✅ is in receivership ✅ is in poor condition ✅ has a short lease ✅ is a probate ✅ is unmortgageable ✅ is a cash-only buy ✅ has seller that requires a quick sale HOW CAN THE LIST HELP INVESTORS? If you are looking to buy property at a discount or BMV then you need motivated sellers. **The UK Distressed Property list **contains only properties that are likely to be offered for sale by motivated vendors. The list saves you the time of trawling through hundreds of listings on a daily basis and instead provides a weekly shortlist covering all price points and UK locations. HOW DO I GET THE LIST? We send the list out weekly by email to everyone who has signed up to receive it. So make sure you are signed up.⚠ Subscribe here:

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