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I dye yarn and fibers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It's my passion that I managed to turn into my job.

Petra Sielias
Our dye studio is being haunted by a demon called the “Lord of Land”! ⁠ ⁠ This demonic overlord of real estate corrupts all he touches. We have found a safe new haven with hallowed ground the Lord of Land can’t penetrate. And I would appreciate it if you, our fellow exorcists, ghostbusters and monster hunters, could buy me a cup of holy water (or coffee). As a thank you, your name will be engraved into our new studio! If you want the full story and do some shopping, head over to www.undercoverotter.com⁠ ⁠ TLDR: Our current studio is shit and we need to get out a.s.a.p. We have found a new location and need to make it Demon-proof.

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