United Mountains Of Europe
11th of December 2021 is International Mountain Day. This is the day United Mountains of Europe will present its demands in front of the European Parliament in Brussels. United Mountains of Europe is a grassroots project based on co-creation. HERE IS WHY🏔️ We act for respect, we act for sustainability and environmental justice because the mountains taught us that anything is possible. The outdoor community will come together to join forces to ask for the recognition of mountain’s rights. And who is part of this great “outdoor community”? You are! And anyone who is willing to step outside their front door and takes a step towards nature. This community is not about who can run the longest, or who can climb the highest. It’s about shared values. Respect, adventure, effectiveness and love for the mountains. ✨WHAT TO EXPECT ON 11/12✨ A gathering. The sharing of ideas. To; ⚡Show that the outdoor community is united in demanding- on paper and in fact - an immediate and effective ecological transition ⚡ Be the spokespeople of the need to radically rethink our relationship with the world around us ⚡ Be part of the solutions: collaborate and co-create with the politicians and the rest of society

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