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First, let’s tackle the choice of name for my blog, I know it appears pessimistic, and to a large extent it’s born from a pessimistic place, but when I started to write stuff down to help me process and work through my demons (and I wrote a hell of a lot when I was doing this) I thought that if I ever turned my writings into a book I’d call it “Life of an Unwanted Youth” because I’ve always felt unwanted. However, I’m no longer a “youth” so I adapted it to honour that darker period of my life. Thus, this blog and its name came from something dark with the intention to help raise awareness and make people feel less unwanted: because we can all live well with the right support. Before I continue, I’d also like to make it clear that I’m dyslexic, thus it’s very likely that I’ll make many spelling and grammar mistakes, so if that’s something you can’t put up with, then this blog might not be for you. Please don’t waste either our times by trying to shame me by suggesting I’m an idiot or something to that effect because of these said mistakes, if you have tips on how to try and overcome the problems it causes me, that’s fine, I just want to maintain a supportive environment for this blog and for those coming visiting it. I started this blog in order to share my experiences in the hopes that it might help other people, because my biggest drive in life is to try and help others, sometimes at the cost of myself it seems. Thus, this blog will cover a “slice of life” approach to my problems and experiences, mainly covering my mental health problems, but also my physical health problems, and the multitude of other problems I’ve had to deal with since being a child, as I’ve watched myself change as all these experiences have taken their toll on me. I’ll also write posts based on the inspiration I’ll get from articles I’ve read or even memes and documentaries I’ve seen, and if my readers make suggestions or comments that resonate with me, I may write about that too. From time to time I’ll also talk about some of the interesting psychology theories and treatments I’ve come across, especially those related to my treatment experiences and the areas I’m particularly interested in: like the field of addiction. In short, I blog about my experiences with dyslexia, mental health, and physical health problems. I also offer my views and opinions on related subjects in the hopes It'll help other people, whilst further helping to destigmatise dyslexia, mental health, and physical health problems as well Basically, if you decided to keep coming back to read my blog you’ll soon get the gist of what this blog is all about.

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