Vidrafi | Prints, stickers & keychains

Vidrafi is a two person team - one illustrator (and game design student), Kraey, and one graphic designer and marketing enthusiast, Fen. Welcome to our store, and here's a little bit more about us if you're interested! We got the idea to start the store and see if people would be interested in buying our art in mid-2022, and started planning out what we need and what we'd sell. We opened our first store, stocking stickers and prints at first. There's more in plans too, of course, and in 2023 we've produced keychains as well with some help from a manufacturer. Our products are all sketched, designed, printed, cut, packaged and finally shipped from our home in Finland (except for the keychains of course, we don't have equipment to make those ourselves!). Our two cats, Tali and Suki, act as quality management and project assistants. They are our highest paid employees. Thank you so much for your interest in our store! You can follow our new projects, products and sales on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @vidrafishop. Have a wonderful day! - fen from Vidrafi

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