WartimeNI seeks to record the rich history of Northern Ireland during the Second World War. Established in 2014 after a trip to Normandy, France, the site details stories large and small from the time. There is also an extensive database of people and places remembering their roles. This site features tales from the daily life of those who served, fought, and died during the Second World War. You’ll find stories from Air Raid Wardens, nurses, farmers, and housewives. As the witnesses of this era pass on, developers destroy any still-standing physical remnants. WartimeNI aims to preserve this important part of Northern Ireland’s history for future generations. The content on WartimeNI is non-sectarian in nature. We remember British and Irish combatants alike. You will learn stories of the American, Canadian, ANZAC and Polish who made temporary homes here. As well as the troops, we feature German prisoners of war, fleeing Jewish refugees and all those with a connection to wartime Northern Ireland. Our hope is that you learn more about the country from 1939-1945. This is our way of remembering.

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