The Word Witch of Wild Moon Witchery LLC

Hello, wild womxn! Welcome to my Ko-Fi page! This space is for the wild womxn who was (is) told she’s “too much” but knows the power in her is something made of the most ancient and most amazing energy. Over the past two years, I have been empowered by the acceptance and encouragement of my online coven, and I have been searching for a place in which I can stretch my wings and challenge myself to really grow my community. I have successfully gone through a re-brand, supported by members and friends here on Ko-Fi. As I continue to build the Wild Moon Witchery brand, I plan to add product lines (sachets, witch's bells, new spell jars, new candles, etc.). Any tip or financial support is wonderfully appreciated, but for those witches who decide to go in and support me monthly, know that you are in for some intense fun and lots of exclusive extras! Take a look at the membership tiers to see what the extras include! In this space, I will be sharing my creative process, blog posts, tarot readings, reiki healings, and other fun, witchy things! I'm open to all of the ideas too! I am so grateful for this space and hope you will join me on this incredible journey!

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