Working Classicists

Hello everyone. Thank you for having a look at our KoFi page. All money from donations and sales gets ploughed straight back into the running of Working Classicists. The most important expenditure is paying working class Classicists to write for the site, but we also have a lot of running costs (web-hosting, domain names, Twitter scheduling, etc.) which mostly come from our pockets. George is a high school teacher and Miri is a copywriter in the video games industry. Not exactly minted. We thank every one of you for anything you can spare to keep us going. Every penny makes a huge difference and relieves some of the financial pressure of running Working Classicists. One day, we’d like to generate enough revenue to start issuing micro-grants for Classicists in financial need. One day… Solidarity. We’re all fighting for the same thing. ✊🏻⚡️🏺

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