This page is primarily for crowdfunding specific community-oriented features of Heaps and libraries around it (namely HIDE). I know there's stuff people want to have in Heaps (at least decent api docs/manual), but I'm no saint and if I don't find the task interesting, I'm not going to jump the gun on it for free. Since Ko-fi does not allow multiple goals at once, it'll work as follows: I collect funds for one goal at a time, and after I finish it, I let people choose what I'm going to work on next. I also have to note, that any excess donations from current goal will towards the next one, and not just disappear when goal is finished. So far among my potential goals: Heaps/APIDocs: h2d - current goal Heaps/APIDocs: h3d - cover h3d package with API documentation. Heaps/APIDocs: hxd - cover hxd package with API documentation. Heaps/Manual: Extend - I'll update manual with more up-to-date information and add more information to it (for example coverage of compilation flags) I will collect suggestions on feature requests for engine itself from time to time and you can always write to me in #Heaps channel on Haxe discord https://discordapp.com/invite/sWCGm33

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