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With the help of some friends I made the live coding system TidalCycles, now used in music studios and algoraves around the world. Tidal is free/open source software, available to all, and will always stay that way. I work part-time, so I can live the dream working on making Tidal great for the other half, but (aside from performances and workshops) ko-fi donations are my only income for this work. You can literally help make this Tidal dev go faster by sending me a cup of caffeine on a one-off or regular basis. I'm hoping to get enough support to not only spend it on coffee but also necessary food and technology. Thanks very much!

Welcome, if you enjoy TidalCycles then please consider supporting me with a one-off or recurring coffee or two. Then be sure to hit follow for supporter updates. Thanks! The contributions here already funded a week's work on Tidal version 1.0.0. I'm now raising funds to help spend time on improving the installation process, hopefully making some steps towards the holy grail of easy drag-and-drop installers. Please support me if you think this is a good idea!

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