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Hi everyone! I am the author/illustrator behind Yogurt Short Comics, a webcomic series following the life of a young girl named Yogurt. I produce books and music CDs pertaining to my comics and characters. Why Ko-fi? Running a webcomic series, producing content like music CDs, books, merch on a consistent basis requires resources to help deliver it all. Although I am more than willing to foot the bill entirely on my own in order to keep delivering my content freely for everyone to enjoy, I vastly appreciate any amount of donations to help make things easier for me. Be it saving up for a book printing fund, paying off site hosting costs, or even just buying new equipment. I will ensure that all donations will be put towards my works! If you donate on a monthly basis, I will be honouring your name on my website and in my upcoming book! Depending on how much you donate, I will also be providing various perks and redeemable rewards like charms and CDs. Feel free to ask me about it! Twitter: https://twitter.com/YogurtTweet Homepage: http://yogurtmedia.net

Support me and my comics! You can donate in a small way one-time, or on an on-going monthly basis! All of your support will help me keep my comics online and help me make more books and merch!

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