A New Body of Work!

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I have finally had the AHA moment of what my next body of work will be. I'll be taking some time to write up a few proposals for funding but in the meantime, I'm writing up my outline and gathering my scraps of photo detritus that led me here and will post more details of the thinking behind my project as I go. In the meantime if you’d like to contribute to this new body of work while I prepare all my documentation for funding–that would be really awesome. Thank You!


West Coast Artist I’m an abstract artist known for bold, urban geometric abstracts and integration of found elements. I live and work on a big island on the west coast of Canada. I also help artists with their branding as part of my practice.

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Zandra Stratford
Hi! I will be sharing a behind the scenes look at my artistic process, exploring art grants, finding a new studio, international residencies, installation proposals, and preparations for my first solo show in London, UK in September and documenting everything here. If you enjoy what I make, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you.

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