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My dream is to write a few words, that will change a few hearts, that will change the world.

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Lisa says:
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page.

We can all do better, be better, only after we have learned better. So, instead of learning who we should be, I'm starting by learning who we are now. I'd love to do it together.

Right now I run a personal/philosophy blog and submit pieces to various publications, but I'm hoping to make writing into my full-time work. I'm looking for freelance opportunities and working on a collection of essays and poems, as well as a regular zine.

I'm still growing, like all of you, but I'm driven by sensitivity, curiosity, and an intense dedication to the truth to help every human be a better human. I'm starting now, I'm using what I have, and I appreciate all the support I can get.

Thank you.
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