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🍁 One-Off Donations 🍁 If you'd like to provide a one-off donation instead of joining the subscription, there is a "One time" button beside "Membership" under Donation! Any help is very much appreciated! 🍁 Supporter Status Explanation 🍁 When you donate or purchase anything for $5 or more, OR if you subscribe to me ($3/month), you will get a supporter status for 30 days. Subscribers' supporter statuses will be renewed monthly. The benefits for each tier can be viewed under Membership! You can get access to exclusive content like Dusty Comics as well as physical goodies such as stickers and prints. 🍁 Payment Preferences 🍁 My Ko-fi page accepts PayPal and Stripe! Stripe is preferred due to the more favorable fees and you do not need to create any accounts to use it. It accepts most major credit cards. Thank you!

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