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Ricket Zorkxa
🍁 Supporter Perks 🍁 When you donate or purchase anything for $5 or more, OR if you subscribe to me ($3/month), you will get a supporter status for 30 days. Subscribers' supporter statuses will be renewed monthly. Supporters will get monthly access to one or more of the following: ♦ Exclusive or early access artwork ♦ Exclusive wallpaper downloads ♦ Vote for what my next art piece/project will be ♦ Personal writing 🍁 Subscription Perks 🍁 $5/month - exclusive stickers every 2 months $10/month - exclusive stickers + print(s) every 2 months $20/month - exclusive stickers + print(s) + one piece of artwork in traditional medium every 2 months Will split 2 months to monthly if there's feedback; also need to see if I can manage it. Please message me your address so I can mail them!

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