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Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club
Thanks for your support and generous donations for our lockdown sessions and return sessions. We will be presenting some new shows via Facebook and Youtube so stay tuned. We are now open so please go to the website and purchase tickets for LIVE shows or continue to watch at home! WWW.RONNIESCOTTS.CO.UK
Hi! Thank you for checking me out and offering your support 🤍 I try to draw cute things 🍒
Hi, I'm Flo or @naehrstff and @zusatzstff on #instagram. Welcome to my Ko-fi-page! Hope you stay for a while and we have some great time togehter! You get me a ko-fi and I keep drawing people and stuff. Mostly people though. 🤗
Vivian Chien
Visual Artist/Designer from Toronto ✦
🎬 On Second Watch 🎙 Podcast
🎙A Movie Nostalgia Podcast 🎬 - hosted by Tim, Chris, Dana, Kari, Nikki, and Spaz... Thank you for checking us out! We hope you enjoy our show. If you want to get involved and show your support, here's what you get in return: ✨One Time Donation ($2)✨ - 🗣A special SHOUT OUT in our next episode - 💰Access to Exclusive Content for 30 days - 👾Access to a private DISCORD server for LIFE Check out our new Monthly Memberships for even more benefits!
たんたんぷう! Tan tan Pou! なんでも描くぞう! I can draw what you like! コミッション! Let's do commission! (Check its menus when they open!)
Welcome to Forest of Little Things! Take a walk with Little Fox and his friends to explore the wonders of an ordinary day.
「 butterberry café 」is a purveyor of custom and premade (P2U) pixel art twitch badges and emotes. and we make a darn good cup of coffee, too!
Eric Campbell
Game Master! It's what I do. I began running live streamed games at Geek & Sundry back in 2016 and was a part of the movement that brought this content to life on twitch.. Through all the games I've run, my players and I have explored the human experiences we all share: anxiety, fellowship, falling down, getting back up and taking a stand. Gaming has transformed my life and the community that gathers around the screen to hear these stories have inspired me to make this my calling.
Illustration / Character Design / Twitch Streamer. Welcome to my Ko-fi, hope you enjoy my artwork and stay for a while!
Brazilian chibi artist in love with cute things. ⭐️
Vlad Savov
I'm the Vlad that's been posting dreamy photos of Tokyo on Twitter. I shoot exclusively with smartphones and make my edits in Lightroom. This is my tip jar.
Chan Chau
Non-binary freelance cartoonist and illustrator, making comics by day and designing by night. This Ko-Fi is a source of income for emergencies, charities, and a donation page for my friends in need.
Mochi Magazine
Mochi is the longest-running online publication for Asian American women. A team of 38 (volunteer!) designers, writers, editors, marketers, and PR specialists work to deliver timely and relevant content related to relationships, career, entertainment, beauty, fashion, politics, and more. Our mission is to support the growth and inclusion of Asian American women, amplify their voices and shed light on untold stories. We hope to continue being a source of information and inspiration for years to come.
Mochi Buddies
Hello! Thanks for dropping by on Mochi Buddies! I am a full-time illustrator from Singapore and drawing has been my hobby since young. Drawing brings me joy in life and I wish to spread the happiness and positivity of my work through the 5 characters. If you like what I create consider buying me a flower(ko-fi) here to fund my journey. You might want to check for rewards information in my pin post below for more~! Like a mochi, we are always pounded with difficulties that we face in our lives and sometimes forced to make harsh but important decisions which helps us to be moulded into a better person. Inspired by the Japanese rice cake, mochi, Mochi Buddies are created to remind each and everyone of us that no matter how much of a beating that we take, it always comes out sweet. - Jean Kuah, Creator of Mochi Buddies
Little Foolery
Little Foolery is a creative circle between two best friends, Alex "Muun" Singer and Jayd "Chira" Aït-Kaci, focused on producing original stories of a magical nature. Muun writes, Chira draws, and together they create. Nothing more to it.
Emily Cadwalader
I'm Emily, a YA Fantasy writer from the UK. You might know me from my Twitter ramblings about my writing adventures. Your Ko-fi tips will help tide me over until I get a six-figure advance(!). It's up to you if you want to give monthly, or a one time tip. Either way, I'm eternally grateful for your support. Cheers, folks! *raises coffee mug to you all*
Steff Von Schweetz
Hi I'm Steff! ✓Seamstress and Cosplayer ✓Enjoys fashion and design ✓19 years of sewing experience ✓14 years of judging and paneling at conventions
Hello, I'm Lotte and I Make Stuff. Lots of stuff! Like tweets, photos of food, videos of foxes and hamsters... but mostly that VIDEOGAME stuff! If you seen my Unity tweets and though - woah thats useful, maybe you can send me a coffee? every little help! 3 i want to spend as much time as possible making these little learning experiences for us all
The Stabulous Planicorns
Due to the pandemic, we are temporarily closed to supporters here. Thank you for all of your time and energy!
Cassandra Jean
I'm an Illustrator. prints @ society6.com/cassandrajean shop @ gumroad.com/cassandrajean
Level1 Techs, LLC
The name Level1 is a bit tongue-in-cheek. It’s meant to be a bit funny. To someone that doesn’t work in the tech industry, Level1 sounds good. To insiders, the Level 1’s are the entry-level folks – the lower tier helpers. At one time or another, we were all Level1; we all had to start somewhere. Our aim for our channel and our community is to be that ‘somewhere’ for a new generation of nerds. We aim to bring together both technology enthusiasts and professionals to accomplish more using our collective minds, skills and resources. Whether you want to optimize your gaming experience, improve your programming skills, learn to design a website or even just live vicariously through others posts about their projects, everyone is welcome to help us grow the community.
🌸 Mandy is a Tech Artist by day and an illustrator by night. 🌙 🌿 http://mandyjacek.com
Journo Resources
We're Journo Resources, and we're here to level the playing field in the media – something which helps all of us. We create free content and resources which actually helps journalists, equips them with constructive tools, and supports them throughout their career.
Those Two Brits!
YouTubers and Presenting Duo. Specialising in entertainment content all about British and American culture!
"We manage your music, build your audience and create connections". Music is our passion and our main activity is music marketing: we work closely with many Spotify playlist curators. Joining us means to get the opportunity to reach more people with your music and increase the chances to be heard. Every coffe you decide to donate is a big help to us to support our daily activity :)
Happy Fluff Comics
Hey guys! I'm Akshara aka Fluff. I'm the creator of happyfluffcomics. I'm a comic artist based in Chennai, India.I draw to make people smile. If I made you smile consider buying me a coffee :)Thank you for supporting my work :)
Butterscotch Shenanigans
Coffee with Butterscotch is the hilarity-filled official podcast of award-winning video game studio Butterscotch Shenanigans. Learn how video games are made and sold, our take on building a small company from scratch, and how to be an unstoppable problem-solving machine. Whether you want verbal slapstick comedy, soulful advice, or just to hear some brothers, we’ve got you covered.
Classic Lenses Podcast
Johnny Sisson, Perry Ge and Simon Forster (plus an occasional guest or two) release their inner lens geek and talk about using old (and modern) manual focus lenses in this weekly globe spanning digital and analogue friendly podcast. The podcast emerged from the popular Facebook group, Photography With Classic Lenses and that’s where the main discussion on each podcast can be found.
Chris Messina
Lover of product and tech — hunting products to feed my obsession! Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Hashtag inventor.
Jess Thomas
I make comics about the rich inner lives of birds.
Jay Swanson
Hey there! I'm Jay - a writer and video producer living in Paris. If you enjoy my vlogs, found my information on getting around Paris useful, or just have a grand old time following my misadventures on the internet and want to buy me a beer or a coffee - you've come to the right place! My latest book can be found here: https://amzn.to/35SD0MM