Patsy Ann

Hey, friends! If you like what I do on Tumblr and you want to help me fund the world's first ever space camp for those f...

Audra Auclair

Full-time artist and illustrator. I just want to make things that make me and others happy.


Level 23 cosplayer, medical school student, and all-around geek! I try my best to balance my love for cosplay with schoo...


I'm Jen, 23 year old cosplayer, model & streamer from Germany, trying to show my colorful world to everyone out there. ♡...



i am an artist that loves dragon age!



My name's Brittany, and I'm a digital artist, game designer, jewelry hobbyist, and cat mom. Right now I'm relying pre...


We're a tiny team who have given up other commitments to focus on this free service, which has become our passion. E...


Hello :) I'm Null-Ghost, who creating the furry art

cosplenya ✨

artist/cosplayer who loves you dearly🌟


Quant trader


A silly freelance illustrator currently working on illustrating children's book and personal commissions Any kofis i...



Cat snuggling, cocoa sipping, comics artist and illustrator based out of the pacific northwest.

Wartotem cosplay

Hi i am Ronald. I make this Ko-fi for two reasons. 1. To keep my joker cosplay due to very low income of money next...


Hello! I'm Ika, a currently unemployed artist wanna be who wants to improvie his skills. I'm also terrible at jobs, so t...

Cy Sevalle

I write criticisms of the mental health industry, particularly the way it treats people with "psychotic" diagnoses, as w...


I'm a freelance artist that loves illustration and sketching.


"What do you call sad coffee? Despresso." Hahaha. Welcome! Take a seat ~~

Reagan Lodge Art

Comics creator, currently producing an independent graphic novel, posting art, and doing draw-streams. Your donations he...




i am a lingerie, mental health and body confidence creator on instagram. i was unemployed for 2 months and in my new jo...


Let me know what I can do to garner your support! I do the following: - write poetry/prose/fanfiction - wire wrap jewe...

Monique’s Deco Shop

Hello! My name is DaLisa but a lot of people call me Monique! I have been running “Monique’s Deco Shop” for about 4 yea...

Stop the Cull

helping to stop the English badger cull, with direct action.

RandaBear Designs


Hello, xaps here, I'm trying to improve and make a living out of art, thanks for the support!

Sarahndipity Cosplay

I’m a passionate cosplayer & working cosmetologist struggling to afford cosplay while saving up to move, slowing down my...

Maid of Might

Hello! I am Jessica, Maid of Might! I am a cosplayer and all-around nerd who loves to make costumes and creative content...