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Alex Hoffman
I'm Alex Hoffman a cartoonist in North Hollywood, California. I’m the creator of Tales of Absurdity, a comic that embraces the strange and is filled with puns, parodies and punchlines. I've recently started a new dinosaur themed comic, Dawn of Reptiles. I love exploring new mediums. I have a good amount of experience with pen and ink, markers and charcoal, but I’m trying to get more into watercolor and gouache. Besides that you can often find me doodling in my Sketch Wallet. I want to use Ko-fi to share examples of some of my favorite creations as well as share what kinds of pieces I’m working on that may not fit elsewhere. I may also be open for some digital art commissions if you’re looking for something for yourself or a gift for a friend. -Alex
Dutch-Indonesian freelance artist, based in the Netherlands. I love to create colourful art and everyday quiet scenes and tender moments. If you like my work please consider supporting me! Thank you for stopping by 🕺✨
🎬 On Second Watch 🎙 Podcast
🎙A Movie Nostalgia Podcast 🎬 - hosted by Tim, Chris, Dana, Kari, Nikki, and Spaz... Thank you for checking us out! We hope you enjoy our show. If you want to get involved and show your support, here's what you get in return: ✨One Time Donation ($2)✨ - 🗣A special SHOUT OUT in our next episode - 💰Access to Exclusive Content for 30 days - 👾Access to a private DISCORD server for LIFE Check out our new Monthly Memberships for even more benefits!
I'm a Comic Artist and Illustrator!
Marc makes comics
I’m a UK based cartoonist and I’ve created comics and characters for the BEANO, Comic Heroes Magazine, Aces Weekly, MooseKid comics, Comic scene magazine, The Brooklyn Red Hook Star- revue, Spiralbound/Medium, the SPARK, The ‘77, Freaky Mag, Hey kids comics and the Sunday Haha. My 2017 comic "Here comes Cat Stevens" was commissioned by the Lakes International comic-art festival and funded by a grant from the Arts Council England. In 2020 I created two MAGNUM P.I. comics as well as the weekly instagram strip BRING THE NINJA. At the end of 2020, I started my new regular strip SPOOKIDS right here on Ko-fi that has been running ever since. I also run cartoon and comics workshops in Schools and Libraries around the world and organise MACC-POW! a day of comic art in my hometown. Check out my Marc Makes Comics cartoon show on YouTube for weekly LIVE DRAWING sessions and tutorials. All content © 2022 Marc Jackson and Weirdo comics.
Multidisciplinary artist and huge nerd. I can draw, paint, code, write, compose, sculpt and more. I also like books, RPGs, documentaries and I might be a productivity junkie.
I do art n' stuff. Specifically Pixel art and animation If you like what I do. maybe consider donating. I'd really appreciate it. Feel free to make suggestions if you ever donate. I'll end up doing ones I like so there's no harm in throwing stuff out there.
Kiv Bui
I draw kind and polite Skeleton and build my own world called The Lost Soul Kingdom
Anne Louise Avery
I'm a writer & art historian. I write about animals, Edwardian dresses, landscapes, art, literature, cakes and the poetics of place and space. My retelling of the tale of Reynard the Fox was published by the Bodleian in October 2020, and A Fox for All Seasons, a follow-on journal with ten short Reynard stories, in October 2021.
Hi! I'm a freelance illustrator from soggy Seattle, Washington. I'm passionate about fantasy, gaming, tabletop RPGs and balling up all that creativity into awesome illustrations. I appreciate any and all support, and consider it a bright spot in my day. THANK YOU!
Amanda Louis Lee
I'm an earthling minion located in Malaysia that would love to do more with my potato art 🥔 also the hoomin to 🐰🐱 @meowbun_
I'm Padda and I make some crunchy critters. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for any and all contributions. It means a lot to me. Commission inquiries are welcome at wormstink@outlook.com.
Miku 🌸 Pinku
Hi, I'm Miku 🌸 ヽ(*・ω・)ノ An artist, designer, VTuber and streamer from Colombia, who enjoys creating content, loving art and making my followers happy! ↓ 🎀 All my links 🎀 ↓
hello! i'm karla from the philippines and i love to draw, paint, and animate ! ( aircrackle is an anagram! ) your support would mean a lot to me and help me create more stuff!
Chinese Canadian freelance illustrator 🍊 I share my art on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Artfol - and here! Commission info in carrd ⬇️
Hi! My name is Kaitlyn, and I'm a freelance illustrator and blogger dedicated to mental health awareness and using art to provide dashes of color, positivity, and inspiration to make life just a little bit brighter. I created Color Me Happii to share just a little of the joy and hope I feel when I draw. And if, along the way, I could also manage to encourage others to be creative and have the courage to live life true to who they are or want to become, that just makes my journey with Color Me Happii all the more rewarding. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (@colormehappii) to see more of my art and join a wonderfully supportive and positive community who love art, quotes, and color!
Hi, J. Marme here, I do paintings and illustrations for a living. I'm the creator of the Super Smash Buddies (Smash Bros fanart) series and I'm currently working as a professional storyboard artist in an animation studio. I love videogames, space, the ocean and surreal imagery more than anything and my favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio. I'd love to be able to focus one day on my personal projects and I hope this is a step on the right direction. Thank you for your support! :)
Lemon Bell
Hello! I'm Sarah and I am just a simple cosplayer from Arizona. I'm a full-time student and part-time at my job, so this account just helps for the cosplay fun! You’ll find most of my cosplay stuff on my Instagram!
Brazilian chibi artist in love with cute things. ⭐️
Apola Pets
I'm a Mexican freelance illustrator and vet student. I rescue injured and orphaned birds, and other exotic pets from neglectful situations. All donations are to keep rescuing animals and paying for their vet bills and enclosures for new rescues, also toys and supplies for the sweet animals I take in ❤
Commissions in progress, feel free to leave a message. Thank you for everything ♡
My name is AnaIveet I am an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. who vey recently decided to go Full-Time Freelance Illustrator. Yes I just had a moment where I thought now or never quite my 9-5 and decided to focus 110% on my artwork. I love creating happy and positive artwork although my style is ever evolving I think this current one is my favorite .I've always had two very different style one being more moody and a limited colour palette and the other more cute and fun clearly the fun one is the one I'm preferring at the moment. My early influences growing up (and still till this day) are Walt Disney, Tim Burton, Ralph Steadman, every cartoon I ever watched going up and anime. My love food, fashion, animations, animals, plants and health are all reflecting in some form in my work. I’m self taught when it comes to illustration I’ve been doing it since i could hold a pencil, I did go to college for graphic design but illustration has always been an ever present passion for me. Another part of creating that I’m getting back into in screen printing I fell in love my first year of college and will soon open up my online shop. If I’m not drawing, painting and creating I’m spending time with my two dogs Puma and Zero, or watching Netflix and Animes with my husband. I look forward to get to know you guys and vise versa
Comic Artist / Tired Adult Thank you for supporting my work (and by extension, spoiling my kids). You're the best!
Professional clean up Animator, Illustrator, Game Developer, and Concept Artist. Previously worked at Wayforward Technologies on multiple projects. Made multiple popular Rivals of Aether mods such as Ash (Andy Ayala), Slashe, Añi, Dusk, and Purrloin. Two Tracks for Rivals RC and a remake of Rivals of Fighter.
Mixi Dixy
Welcome to my Ko-fi Page. I'm a huge fan of FFXIV, Warcraft and I love drawing characters or anything related to the fantasy world. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Suzie (Siqi)
I am a freelance illustrator from Singapore. I hope to bring more positivity to the world through my cute lil punny illustrations.
Cara McGee
I draw beautiful men, punks, and comics like Black Canary and Over the Garden Wall.
The Piano Witch 🔮🎶 📍 Kyiv, Ukraine - piano lessons - sheet music & commissions - Tarot readings, and more 💕👇
Hey! I'm a 20 year old artist and writer. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram at @phoenx_art. I'm also a university student, so my free time is often limited. Please check to see if my commissions are open via this page or on Twitter/Instagram by checking my bio!
Illustrator & Designer 📧: enid.dinart@gmail.com IG: instagram.com/enid.din INPRNT: inprnt.com/gallery/cmrnza
I'm Jess, a 39 year old artist and maker from Indiana. I love carving linocuts, ink and paint, webcomics and press bath bombs as my side hustle. You'll get a little bit of everything in my feed. Check out my monthly print and tub club tiers!
Tealful Eyes
Hello! I am a freelance illustrator venturing into creating independent content for people to enjoy. I'm currently developing my own property known as "IMP'ortant" and I hope you'll enjoy the creative journey with me!
Canadian artist working to make ends meet! Feel free to message me to inquire about any commission styles not listed! 💕
Hello! My name is Jade, otherwise known as scarletrebel, and I'm a lore nerd, writer, destiny fan and video producer for Planet Destiny. I make videos on my main channel about video games, specifically lore and story!
I'm an artist through and through. Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for the support!
WHO ARE YOU? I'm Monica Robles Corzo (aka "Monarobot" online)— A creature designer, concept artist and illustrator from Chiapas, Mexico. WHAT DO YOU DO? You might know my work from my pop culture creature redesigns inspired by Mesoamerican motifs and stylization! More recently I worked as a Concept artist for HBO's "Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires", was a Prop designer for Crunchyroll's "Onyx Equinox", illustrator for The Criterion Collection's "Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster", and was a guest Artist at Guillermo del Toro's "En Casa Con Mis Monstruos" ("At Home With Monsters").
Graphite Maiden
I am a Nigerian freelance artist and dancer. I am passionate about my craft and health and fitness (vegetarian/vegan) and I love nutmeg.
24 year old digital artist based in Houston Texas! I like painting faces.
Hello! My name is Victoria, full time graphic designer and illustrator. I hope you will like my work! Feel free to contact me for custom tattoo designs.
REWARDS ☕☕ = mini sketch commission ☕☕☕ = free shipping on next store order ☕☕☕☕ = $5 store credit -or- mini sketch commission ☕☕☕☕☕ = $10 store credit + Make sure to sign in when donating so I can track your donations to action your rewards + Reward accumulation resets once the current goal is reached + Sketch commission examples in the 'Gallery' tab
Happy Fluff Comics
Hey guys! I'm Akshara aka Fluff. I'm the creator of happyfluffcomics. I'm a comic artist based in Chennai, India.I draw to make people smile. If I made you smile consider buying me a coffee :)Thank you for supporting my work :)
Zombie Miki
Part Zombie & Part Miki. I run a blog where I report on up-coming Pokemon merchandise and share photos taken directly at Pokemon Centers & Stores in Japan. I also create cute illustrations! For art commissions or Japanese / English translation requests: [mikitzune at gmail dot com]
Hello! My name is Sugarhime! You can call me Sugar, Hime or any other name you feel is fitting. 💖 Every Ko-fi supports my dream of making my small business a success and let me spoil you all with little gifts here and there!