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Alex Hoffman
I'm Alex Hoffman a cartoonist in North Hollywood, California. I’m the creator of Tales of Absurdity, a comic that embraces the strange and is filled with puns, parodies and punchlines. I've recently started a new dinosaur themed comic, Dawn of Reptiles. I love exploring new mediums. I have a good amount of experience with pen and ink, markers and charcoal, but I’m trying to get more into watercolor and gouache. Besides that you can often find me doodling in my Sketch Wallet. I want to use Ko-fi to share examples of some of my favorite creations as well as share what kinds of pieces I’m working on that may not fit elsewhere. I may also be open for some digital art commissions if you’re looking for something for yourself or a gift for a friend. -Alex
Hi, I'm Flo or @naehrstff and @zusatzstff on #instagram. Welcome to my Ko-fi-page! Hope you stay for a while and we have some great time togehter! You get me a ko-fi and I keep drawing people and stuff. Mostly people though. 🤗
Vivian Chien
Visual Artist/Designer from Toronto ✦
Sabastien Pillay
Hi Friends! My name is Sabastien Pillay from South Africa. I am a multi-disciplinary illustrator/designer that is inspired from my daily activities, people and the world around me with a blend of my imagination. My goal is to share with you my creative process and design in hopes of support and appreciation of the craft.
Multidisciplinary artist and huge nerd. I can draw, paint, code, write, compose, sculpt and more. I also like books, RPGs, documentaries and I might be a productivity junkie.
たんたんぷう! Tan tan Pou! なんでも描くぞう! I can draw what you like! コミッション! Let's do commission! (Check its menus when they open!)
Kiv Bui
I draw kind and polite Skeleton and build my own world called The Lost Soul Kingdom
Conrad Veddern
Artist, creator/author of Storm Of Bones on Webtoon Canvas.
Hi, I'm Maryne.🥖 I'm a French traditional artist, I mostly work with ink and watercolors but I've been picking up digital art recently and focus all my energy on practicing this new medium. I'm a big D&D nerd and I thiiiiink it reflects on my work, but my main area of expertise is making comics! I started posting my own fantasy/sci-fi webcomic online named "Quantum Disaster", which had to be put on hiatus for many reasons. It will come back, tho ;) Read here: quantumdisastercomic.com About my webcomic: I write, draw, paint, scan and clean up every single pages myself, but I'm working side by side with a friend of mine (Blazo) who tends to the website and uploads the pages weekly for me. This page can help me: - Keep posting silly fanarts and various illustrations online more often. - Work on Quantum Disaster full-time, aka post more pages more often. Pay Blazo a salary that he deserves for all his hard work. And cover the expenses for everything I need to keep this project going (cost of hosting the website, paper, watercolors, brushes, ink, etc + payment for sensitivity readers & editors). Thank you for reading, and if you check out Quantum Disaster, I really hope you enjoy it! ♥
Hi! I'm a freelance illustrator from soggy Seattle, Washington. I'm passionate about fantasy, gaming, tabletop RPGs and balling up all that creativity into awesome illustrations. I appreciate any and all support, and consider it a bright spot in my day. THANK YOU!
Hello there! I am Paula from @penpaling_paula on Instragam, an avid snail mailer, letter writer and stationery passionate. I'm also a stationery designer and I produce and sell different kind of products like postcards, letter pads, sticker sheets, washi tapes, vinyl stickers, bookmarks, wax seals, pins... I send out tons of mail per month to make people all over the world happy and try to keep the art of correspondence alive. You can also check out my Ko-Fi shop to receive mail from me! Thank you so much for your support! Paula
Hi I'm Jade (they/them), a cartoonist and illustrator who loves to explore cozy fantasies and contemplative feelings in my work. I draw inspiration from RPGs, nature, and food! I'm also an avid collector of owl-things.
Amanda Louis Lee
I'm an earthling minion located in Malaysia that would love to do more with my potato art 🥔 also the hoomin to 🐰🐱 @meowbun_
A digital artist who loves drawing cute girls and Pokemon!
Freckled Fox
My name is Ramona MacLean and I’m a 32 year old freelance artist living in Canada. I’m casually over here rejecting adulthood, one unicorn at a time! Your support means the world to me! I cannot thank you enough! Xoxo
I'm Padda and I make some crunchy critters. Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for any and all contributions. It means a lot to me. Commission inquiries are welcome at wormstink@outlook.com.
Hi! I'm kiDChan. I love tea, cakes and drawing :)
Chinese Canadian freelance illustrator 🍊 I share my art on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Artfol - and here! Commission info in carrd ⬇️
little corvus
I'm Teo (THEY/HE), aka Little Corvus. I'm a queer, transmasc Chicanx/o comic artist + illustrator based in Seattle. I love drawing BIPOC witches, beefy dudes + comics about found families, queer love + self discovery. I'm currently working on a GN called BROOMS (Levine Querido, 2023), developing new merchandise for my online store + working on pitches for creator-owned content. I live in Seattle with my 4 year old pitbull Bear. When I'm not taking my dog to the park or working as a part-time barista, I like to garden, pore over art books + rewatch episodes of Frasier ★ gumroad.com/littlecorvus ★ https://littlecorvus.storenvy.com/ ★ littlecorvus.redbubble.com
Freelance Illustrator 🎨(and Scientist 🧪) ⭐️ Mains themes: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Portraits 📁Dominions 5 - Maps and Mods Maker 📁Shadow Empire - Modding Stratagems artpack Taking commissions, don't hesitate to contact me :) . Hello I am Pymous, Since many years I am creating content (mods) for different games like Skyrim (Immersive Settlements mod, more than 130000 unique downloads) and especially for 4x / sci-fi or medieval games like Dominions Illwinter games: - Maps : Biddyn, Peliwyr, Snerdryn, Hexawyr, Edowyn, Atha Avin - Mods: Omniomicon Total conversion (New nations: Ledan, Smerv, Plavendel, Voilans - Sketchs / Artworks: Check ko-fi Gallery page or on Steam, Artstation and my website. Currently actively modding Shadow Empire game (stratagems cards artpack, facegen, Vidcom, Artworks,...) If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you!
Kick in the Creatives
Art and Creativity Podcast | Creative Challenges Kick in the Creatives is the place to find an abundance of creative online challenges all year round. Alongside the website, we have a fun and creative podcast offering you interviews, inspiration, motivation and a general 'kick' in the right direction. We also have a YouTube channel where you can find light-hearted and fun, art tutorial videos every Sunday... and we have a Facebook group where you can find like-minded creatives friends to chat to! You can find our podcast here: https://kickinthecreatives.com/kick-creatives-podcast/
Hello I'm tama and I draw a lot of fanart! Currently doing special monthly rewards!
Blu || Vtuber || Twitch Partner || Artist
Illustration / Character Design / Twitch Streamer. Welcome to my Ko-fi, hope you enjoy my artwork and stay for a while!
Hi! My name is Kaitlyn, and I'm a freelance illustrator and blogger dedicated to mental health awareness and using art to provide dashes of color, positivity, and inspiration to make life just a little bit brighter. I created Color Me Happii to share just a little of the joy and hope I feel when I draw. And if, along the way, I could also manage to encourage others to be creative and have the courage to live life true to who they are or want to become, that just makes my journey with Color Me Happii all the more rewarding. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (@colormehappii) to see more of my art and join a wonderfully supportive and positive community who love art, quotes, and color!
Brazilian chibi artist in love with cute things. ⭐️
Crafting With April
Welcome! I am an​ Official Cricut® Product Expert team member! Please create your account and log in before doing any support - per Ko-Fi. Welcome to my page. I am so happy you found me. Here is the Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/CraftingwithApril. My Design Space files are created from Access images. I use Design Space Cricut Access images for elements of many designs, but I try to use free shapes for base elements so you can change things out if you don't have an Access subscription. I encourage Access because it is an excellent library of images and shapes. If you do not have an Access subscription, you will have to purchase those elements or swap them out in the file for something else - you can do this with many of them. Not all images can be changed if an image was used to create a shaped edge; for instance, I sliced something using it. You can not avoid purchasing that image if you do not have Access & you can't change it; those are not very common, but they occur on some older files. I am a Crafter & A Cricut ®Product Expert. I love crafting! I am not a professional spokesperson, photographer or videographer, or marketer. I am a crafter just like you! I love sharing my files, ideas, videos, and vast crafting knowledge with you. If Cricut supplies me with a product or machine, I will always let you know that information. You will get my honest opinions. I love Cricut; even if I find that I am not successful with a product, I will encourage you to try it for yourself and make an informed decision about it; you may have better luck than me with a particular item/items and as always all new products have a learning curve, don't write off a material you haven't tried based on someone else's opinion of it, it takes practice to learn how to work with a product to find the best technique to use for it. I genuinely appreciate your patronage; thank you! Your support and generosity inspire me, and you sincerely appreciate that. I could not do this without you! You can also help support me by using my links to shop, and they earn me a small commission if you purchase after clicking the link but in no way cost you anything extra. The group code does change, so make sure you ask for a current code when shopping with me. Cricut Shopping #ad - USA cricut.pxf.io/saleUSA Canada cricut.pxf.io/saleCA The current group discount code is CUTIES. If it doesn't work, ask for an existing code! Save 10 Percent and get free shipping on orders of 50.00 or more. Ten percent (Standard) or 20 percent (Premium) Access discounts apply automatically. Applies to applicable items only. #ad Thank you in advance for your support and shopping with me! The current file password calendar post will be unlocked automatically if you are eligible. Please private message me if you need help with the password or accessing any files. Happy Crafting! April
Bit Errror
Digital artist based in Madrid, I work manipulating photographs, videos, vectors, textures and anything that inspires me to do something new. I try to talk about our relationship with the world, nature, loneliness, friendship, the passing of time, sometimes just everyday life. I also experiment with other types of work that help me to explore new tools and push the boundaries of my work, looking for other ways to express myself.
Chan Chau
Non-binary freelance cartoonist and illustrator, making comics by day and designing by night. This Ko-Fi is a source of income for emergencies, charities, and a donation page for my friends in need.
Apola Pets
I'm a Mexican freelance illustrator and vet student. I rescue injured and orphaned birds, and other exotic pets from neglectful situations. All donations are to keep rescuing animals and paying for their vet bills and enclosures for new rescues, also toys and supplies for the sweet animals I take in ❤
Commissions in progress, feel free to leave a message. Thank you for everything ♡
Full time indie dyer in Greece, with my boxer girl Dakine. Unfortunately, Dakine is getting older, she just hit the 11 years mark and while she is full of life she has a neurological condition that makes it difficult for her to walk. The first step is to make her stronger and she will have to get physiotherapy walks (in a special tub) every week, to be stronger and be able to support her weight. So I decided that whatever donation, ko-fis are given will be going towards Dakine’s health. Thank you for visiting our page and support us ✨❤️
Mochi Buddies
Hello! Thanks for dropping by on Mochi Buddies! I am a full-time illustrator from Singapore and drawing has been my hobby since young. Drawing brings me joy in life and I wish to spread the happiness and positivity of my work through the 5 characters. If you like what I create consider buying me a flower(ko-fi) here to fund my journey. You might want to check for rewards information in my pin post below for more~! Like a mochi, we are always pounded with difficulties that we face in our lives and sometimes forced to make harsh but important decisions which helps us to be moulded into a better person. Inspired by the Japanese rice cake, mochi, Mochi Buddies are created to remind each and everyone of us that no matter how much of a beating that we take, it always comes out sweet. - Jean Kuah, Creator of Mochi Buddies
Dessi-Desu Design
Hello, everyone! I'm an illustrator and cosplayer. I especially love art inspired by fantasy and fashion, and have been drawing costume designs since 2016. Follow me for costume design artworks inspired by beloved characters and my own costume creations, as well! Any donations are greatly appreciated and bring me one step closer to my dream of being a full time artist. For early access and exclusive content, be sure to also check me out on Patreon: patreon.com/dessi_desu_design
My name is AnaIveet I am an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. who vey recently decided to go Full-Time Freelance Illustrator. Yes I just had a moment where I thought now or never quite my 9-5 and decided to focus 110% on my artwork. I love creating happy and positive artwork although my style is ever evolving I think this current one is my favorite .I've always had two very different style one being more moody and a limited colour palette and the other more cute and fun clearly the fun one is the one I'm preferring at the moment. My early influences growing up (and still till this day) are Walt Disney, Tim Burton, Ralph Steadman, every cartoon I ever watched going up and anime. My love food, fashion, animations, animals, plants and health are all reflecting in some form in my work. I’m self taught when it comes to illustration I’ve been doing it since i could hold a pencil, I did go to college for graphic design but illustration has always been an ever present passion for me. Another part of creating that I’m getting back into in screen printing I fell in love my first year of college and will soon open up my online shop. If I’m not drawing, painting and creating I’m spending time with my two dogs Puma and Zero, or watching Netflix and Animes with my husband. I look forward to get to know you guys and vise versa
Transgender artist | Bunny Mom
Comic Artist / Tired Adult Thank you for supporting my work (and by extension, spoiling my kids). You're the best!
Professional clean up Animator, Illustrator, Game Developer, and Concept Artist. Previously worked at Wayforward Technologies on multiple projects. Made multiple popular Rivals of Aether mods such as Ash (Andy Ayala), Slashe, Añi, Dusk, and Purrloin. Two Tracks for Rivals RC and a remake of Rivals of Fighter.
Little Foolery
Little Foolery is a creative circle between two best friends, Alex "Muun" Singer and Jayd "Chira" Aït-Kaci, focused on producing original stories of a magical nature. Muun writes, Chira draws, and together they create. Nothing more to it.
Art student from Northern Finland ◦ FIN/ENG ◦ 230594 ◦ draws sad dogs
999 Sketches
999 Sketches is - 999 Sketches by me: Julian Newman - just random stuff as I practice and improve my drawing skills. Follow the project from 001 - 999
Suzie (Siqi)
I am a freelance illustrator from Singapore. I hope to bring more positivity to the world through my cute lil punny illustrations.
Cara McGee
I draw beautiful men, punks, and comics like Black Canary and Over the Garden Wall.
Cheru Illustration
My name is Chelsey, I love to draw cute and colorful things! I also love to read and drink tea (but don't tell Ko-fi that).
Kawaii Sweetshop
Hi I’m Estefany! Better known as Kawaii Sweetshop , I’m a resin and clay artist looking to expand the products I offer . I’m currently saving for a drawing tablet so I can do some digital art so all the support I get here is going towards that 💖
Illustrator & Designer 📧: enid.dinart@gmail.com IG: instagram.com/enid.din INPRNT: inprnt.com/gallery/cmrnza
Tealful Eyes
Hello! I am a freelance illustrator venturing into creating independent content for people to enjoy. I'm currently developing my own property known as "IMP'ortant" and I hope you'll enjoy the creative journey with me!
Hello! My name is Alex and I like to draw random cuteness ♡ ★ EVERYONE - You can find hi-res images free for personal use in Gallery and Shop ☆ ★ SUPPORTERS - you can find wips+sketches+thoughts and extra goodies in the Gallery and Posts ☆
Hello! I'm Tess Stone, a transmasc comic artist and writer! Mostly known for my webcomic, Not Drunk Enough, as well as an adult (18+) miniseries Seen Nothing Yet! I also like games, lettering, streaming and GHOSTS.
Adam Foreman
Hi, I'm Adam Foreman and I create cartoony comics and art. I make the comic Slice of Marshmallow, a super relatable, funny and wholesome food comic about a marshmallow and his other food friends. Thanks for the support 🙏 💚 -Adam Foreman
I'm an artist through and through. Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for the support!
Julia Lundgren
Also known as @Lambidy on social media! I'm a 24 y/o illustrator and aspiring graphic designer based in Sweden. Art is as much my hobby as it is my job and in my spare time I enjoy making whimsical artworks often depicting animals/creatures!
Dinesh Saini
I am a 26 years old freelancer , I make Visualart , Music Videos and some reaction videos too , Learning Every single day
Connie Sun is a cartoonist and writer, based in NYC. She draws short autobio comics about being an odd human with a wise elephant companion. She is currently writing a graphic novel. Her cartoons have been featured in The New Yorker, NPR, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, GoComics, McSweeney's, and Tinyview Comics.
Graphite Maiden
I am a Nigerian freelance artist and dancer. I am passionate about my craft and health and fitness (vegetarian/vegan) and I love nutmeg.
24 year old digital artist based in Houston Texas! I like painting faces.
Hello! My name is Victoria, full time graphic designer and illustrator. I hope you will like my work! Feel free to contact me for custom tattoo designs.
Hi! I'm a brazilian illustrator. I like to draw fairy tales, ancient myths and fantasy stories. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do 💗 For those who donate $30, I will draw a sketch portrait of any character you want (fairies, princess, goddesses, fanarts)
Hello there ! I’m a freelance illustrator based in France, and I specialize in cute, whimsical artworks and comics. As you may know, making a decent living out of art is an everyday challenge. I love creating all the same, so if you'd like to support my art and would enjoy seeing more, please buy me a cookie ! 💖
Krisztina Szerovay
UX designer and online teacher I'm the founder of the UX Knowledge Base Sketches (https://uxknowledgebase.com/), I publish one sketch each week. I have 2 main goals with creating these sketches 1. summarizing important UX design topics 2. providing inspiration for visual thinking I teach sketching for UX designers on Udemy.
REWARDS ☕☕ = mini sketch commission ☕☕☕ = free shipping on next store order ☕☕☕☕ = $5 store credit -or- mini sketch commission ☕☕☕☕☕ = $10 store credit + Make sure to sign in when donating so I can track your donations to action your rewards + Reward accumulation resets once the current goal is reached + Sketch commission examples in the 'Gallery' tab
Sonja Greer
Permanently exhausted Egyptologist and writer of historical fiction, science fiction, and long-winded explanations of Egyptological material. Sometimes paints or embroiders.
Echo Rivera
I help academics, scientists, evaluators & researchers can create effective presentations. I have online courses, downloads, and training videos available for free. If they've been helpful to you, consider supporting me here so I can continue. TIA!
my name is mahkala (muh-kay-luh) i draw chibis, 90s / normal anime, and character designs. thanks for all the support! https://www.patreon.com/mahkalahime
Susanne Iles
Welcome to my Ko-fi page! I am a symbolist artist, alchemist, and writer inspired by ancient history, mythology, science, and the occult. I'm also a lover of comic books, action figures, games, and an all-around geek and nerd girl as well as the founder (and member) of the Wild Heart Tribe. Please join me and together we will explore worlds known and unknown!
Hello! My name is Sugarhime! You can call me Sugar, Hime or any other name you feel is fitting. 💖 Every Ko-fi supports my dream of making my small business a success and let me spoil you all with little gifts here and there!
Jeff Pennington
I'm a comic artist, illustrator, and co-host of novelty podcasts M-Class Podcast (Star Trek) and Bros B4 Pros (Storytelling)! I'm striving to make art my main career and juggle that with making projects on my own and growing as an artist.
Roya Shahidi
Hello everyone. My name is Roya (they/she). I'm an Iranian American story artist and animator