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Nikki and the Transport Evolved crew!

We're the team behind Transport Evolved, an independent YouTube channel bringing you the latest and greatest in cleaner, greener, safer and smarter transportation. This Ko-Fi is to let you send us tips to buy us food when we're out of the office, keep our coffee cups filled, and share the love of what we do!

Hannah Rutherford

Hello! I'm Hannah - you may also know me as Lomadia. I've been gaming since I was very young and love anything with a good story. I mainly play PC games, but have been known to dabble in consoles for a good exclusive or two!


Hello! I'm Tess Stone, a transmasc comic artist and writer! Mostly known for my webcomic, Not Drunk Enough, as well as an adult (18+) miniseries Seen Nothing Yet! I also like games, lettering, streaming and GHOSTS.

Graphite Maiden

I am a Nigerian freelance artist and dancer. I am passionate about my craft and health and fitness (vegetarian/vegan) and I love nutmeg.


TRAKTIVIST is the only radio show & blog of its kind that places spotlights on Asian American artists through our in-studio performances, exclusive interviews, and live playlists.

Nate 'kranethios'

My name is Nate! I'm currently most active with streaming on Twitch, but I also make art (mostly fanart) and music. I appreciate your support! Check back often for new stream info and donation incentives! Currently Streaming: Undertale

Mei - NybeKat

- Doing art & crafts. I love trying different art styles and materials. Find my art in: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt : @NybeKat - I sometimes also do livestreams on Twitch, come follow and chat with me! www.twitch.tv/meithemediator

Thea (PeachHip)

Full-time artist and creative streamer with a focus in sculpture. I spend my time creating a variety of projects including resin figures and art-dolls as well as other bits & bobs.