Self taught artist living in Perth, Western Australia. I love to make characters that people can laugh, cry and relate w...


Hi I write stories :))


Hello! My name is Finnegan, but you can call me Finn. I am a 19 year old artist, trying to make some money doing what I ...


My name's Inari and I’m a disabled artist, writer, advocate, and content creator. I learn for fun and use the things I l...

Gallus Rostromegalus

Your Colorado Art & writing cryptid with the frankly improbable life. I'm pretty much powered by caffeine these days.

Noah le wendigogo

Heyo. I'm just one of your local neighborhood Fannibal artists struggling to get by. I do commissions sometimes, but I ...


I draw stuff using Paintstorm. Currently in the process of trying to get better at shapes and light so I can do masterp...

EJ Wittes

Rose Debaene

My name is Rose. I've have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardic Syndrome, and it means that I faint unexpectedly. It's hind...


I love to write, but alas, I am another cog in the wheel. I found my passion for writing last year, and I have 1 preciou...


Tiny trash dwelling tentacle monster that's 479% caffeine. Draws all sorts of things and dabbles with Crochet.


I'm a webcomic artist, I draw mainly Shonen type content, one shot illustrations and Webtoon comics.


My name is Rune! I am an advocate of joy and doing your best! I tell jokes, I liveblog things, I draw, I offer advice, a...


Fanfic author, fandom blogger, villain stan, and turtle mom. ❤


hey, sup. i'm harmony, 21, absolute marvel trash.


Hey! I'm Damon, a trans art student at MICA with a major in game design and concentration in animation. I take sketch...


Hi! I really appreciate you offering your support! It's not easy being in university, so every bit helps, whether it's f...

April Sylph

I'm a trans girl programming hobbyist. I wrote and now maintain the tumblr theme Vision and I'm the most active member o...

Evelynn Sinclaire

Evelynn (Eve for short, Evel for medium), 22, honestly just tryna chill and draw some good comics.


I create content for B.A.P on tumblr


Minverse on ao3, Loins on tumblr, fandom stepdad-with-good-intentions-who-doesn't-know-what-he's-doing-but-tries-REALLY-...


Hi! I'm Kat, I run the blog nastiebabies. I'm really cute and also really broke, won't you send me some spare change?

Grim Ryberg

Freelance artist born 1996


General enthusiast about the weirdness of the universe and how we choose to explore it; sharing that with the rest of th...


Hi! I'm Omi, I write fanwork and also original works at times! Any donations are greatly appreciated!