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I am going to be moving from Texas to California to be living with my love and sadly, I will have to leave the computer since it belongs to my family. If I finally have my own laptop, I will be able to work efficiently and provide other fun content -- like live streams of me drawing!


Hello everyone, my name is Tasusagi from Inkbunny and Furaffinity! I am a digital artist that loves to draw SFW and NSFW Sonic art and cartoons! I don't always love to draw NSFW and I wanted to create some way for me to continue drawing my fun little cute doodles and share them with everyone which is why I made Ko-Fi! I'm not a lover for coffee, but I do love to drink boba tea and hot cocoa~ All donations are greatly appreciated and they will go towards me surviving my everyday life such as eating and drinking as I continue to produce more content for everyone. If you have a doodle request, leave a message along with your donation!

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Leave a message along with your donation if you have a doodle request. The maximum of doodles are 2 per donation and you can donate at the amount that you believe is worth. All of the finished images will be posted on here and my art Instagram page. Just remember to keep it all SFW please so I can post them! <3 {Note: I might not accept every request, but I will try to complete as much as I can. Also, this is not a commission page! This is just an additional way for those who want to support me and I really do appreciate all of those who do! } {Additional Note: If you do have a nsfw "request", I sadly only take commissions for those which you can commission me through my Inkbunny!}

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