Wings Over Scotland
If you're reading this page, you know what Wings Over Scotland is and what it does, and why people who don't like being scrutinised have done everything in their power to shut it down for the last 11 years. We've been kicked off Twitter (and reinstated, and kicked off again), kicked off YouTube, arrested, threatened, defamed and vilified. Because journalism done properly terrifies those in power. And on this page, you can help keep them as scared as they should be. "Wings Over Scotland is back on Twitter and at first I was unsure how to feel: I disagree with most of what he says and I don’t much like the way he says it. But you know what: Twitter’s done the right thing. I’m glad he’s back. Being confronted with views that are different to ours is not always comfortable (especially, I suspect, for young people who are convinced they’re right). But what should make us more uncomfortable is the idea that “wrong” views can be censored." - Mark Smith (The Herald), November 2022 "There are several reasons why Scotland’s anointed and affluent political elite hate Wings Over Scotland (“hate” in this case is not overstating it). The SNP’s high command revile the blog because, after 15 years of virtually unopposed rule, they are simply unaccustomed to criticism. And when such criticism is rooted in cold analysis of hard facts and detailed scrutiny of historic statements and claims made by SNP actors, the discomfort of Wings’s targets often turns to rage. The Unionist parties at Holyrood – especially Scottish Labour – loathe Wings Over Scotland for many of the same reasons the SNP high command does. Their bogus commitment to Scotland, wrapped tightly in the Union Jack, has often been dismantled by Campbell. Many of my colleagues in the mainstream political press also like to smear Campbell and Wings. Much of this is rooted in jealousy. The quality of the prose on the Wings website and the accuracy of its research leave many Unionist commentators floundering." - Kevin McKenna (The National), November 2022

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