Lord Thaddius
Greetings and salutations!! Thank you so much for coming over and taking time out of your busy life to be part of mine. By supporting me, you're enabling and encouraging me to create more content. Currently, I have been able to do one episode of a show a week. 🎁 All gifts will support us in: → Supplementing my income (Food, rent, school supplies for kids, etc) → Upgrading 10-year-old computers. → Actual storage for archived videos, audio, etc. → Giving more credence to the growth of the YouTube channel. I understand that life is tough, and maybe a financial gift isn't in the cards. What you could do, if you wish to help, is go to my YouTube channel and subscribe and hit the notification bell. Watch my videos, thumbs them up, share them with friends. For those who choose to support me, thank you so much. You are the true backbone of creator communities. Thank you. Lord Thaddius CubeLab Media & Crew

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