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Hi there! I am cheerful cosplayer from the little country of Hungary. In my spare time I do my best to create nice costumes ^w^ I hope you like them! :) This hobby consumes a lot of time and money, so any help from You would be greatly appreciated! I would be really happy if I could afford to work with more expensive materials. Like Worbla. Oh, dear Worbla, how much I long for you! :D

Cosplayer Ditta
In a blink (more like over 10 years, anyway) cosplay became part of my life. So much, that I can't see my life without it anymore. I will make and wear costumes even when I will be a 100 year old grandma. Naturally, my grandchildren will wear one too. I would look silly otherwise. Or probably not. What do you think? Do you like cosplay? Do you like my works? :)

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