We are super excited to announce we just launched Ko-fi Gold – a totally optional subscription of $6 per month which will help us take Ko-fi to the next level and unlocks some unique perks for subscribers.

Some background
As you know, Ko-fi don’t take a cut of any tips and we don’t serve up ads on your pages. Unlike other services we rely solely on the generosity of the community members to keep Ko-fi free and we really do plan to keep it that way. We wanted to build something that recognises those folks who are helping to keep the service totally free. That's why we created Gold.

The perks
We thought long and hard about which features we should build to reward Gold supporters. We want these features to be really valuable to subscribers, but without compromising the service for those that can’t afford the $6. We looked back through the hundreds of feature requests we have had over the years and here’s what we came up with...

Change coffee to… anything!
If we had $3 for everyone who wanted to change coffee to tea or something similar, we wouldn’t have needed to build Gold 😊! Gold members can change the wording of their page to something else like tea, beer or even Oreos as a recent twitter fan requested!

Set your price
Lots of people want to change the price of support, the most common requests being $1 or $5. Gold members can set the price to anything from $1 to $10 and all the currencies we currently offer are still available $, £, €.

Recurring support
Just like our own Gold subscription, Gold members can accept monthly recurring payments. You can see your recurring support in your dashboard and in your PayPal account.

Shorter Ko-fi handles

5 letter Ko-fi handles are now a thing! Secure yours with a Gold subscription. Naturally we expect these to go fast – claim yours now.

No ads, no nags
We know we are kind of persistent in our ask for a donation, your support keeps the servers serving and keeps us focused on making Ko-fi better. But for those committing to a Gold subscription we will remove the support Ko-fi tiles from your page and remove the popup.

Early access to new features
There's lots of features in development here at Ko-fi such as ‘Posts’ for longer form content. We will release new features to Gold members before anyone else. Want early access? Subscribe to Gold.

Give Gold a try and support your Ko-fi community!

Thanks for choosing Ko-fi!

The Ko-fi team

Is there a minimum subscription period?
Nope cancel anytime. A non-refundable first payment of $6 is taken when you sign up. If you cancel straight away you will still have access to the Gold features for the full month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

PayPal creates a recurring profile in your PayPal dashboard, cancel it anytime you like from there.

What happens if I stop supporting?

You still have access to everything in Ko-fi, just without those Gold perks