I'm Pikadude No. 1, author of Random Bookmark From Folder for Firefox/Chrome, and creator of a number of other fun things you can find at my website. But I'd prefer not to be called "Pikadude" for much longer.

When I was about 10, I chose my Internet name to use on the now-long-defunct GeoCities, and I was proud to use it for all my Internet doings and keep it into adulthood. But as I've grown more comfortable with my femininity, I've found I now have more pride as a tomgirl than a "dude", and expressing that openly has become very important to me. The time has come for my Internet name to reflect who I truly am - but unfortunately, money is extremely tight at the moment, and changing names is not free in some of the systems and communities I use.

I can't reveal my next name until I'm ready to switch to it, to prevent trolls from claiming my name and squatting on it. I can say that for branding & sentimental reasons, it'll continue to start with "P" and end with "No. 1".

I'll need help funding the switch. If you're willing to chip in, here's what you'll be helping me pay for:

  • About $15 to privately register a new .com domain name
  • About $15 to renew my private pikadudeno1.com registration for redirection
  • $60 for a year of a WordPress.com Personal plan, to move my blog to blog.[newname].com*
  • $15 for a DeviantArt Core membership, required for changing my username on DeviantArt**

* There are various ways I could pay less than $60 - WordPress.com has 20%-off sales every 1-2 months, or I could instead move to [newname].wordpress.com and keep my free plan (and therefore the ads 😕) and pay only $13 for a redirect.
** $15 for 3 months is the cheapest option DeviantArt offers to those buying Core for themselves, but if someone else were to buy Core for me, they'd have a 1-month-for-$5 option available.

I'll need the old domain name renewed by August 16, and I would like the rest funded by August 23 so I can have my new name set up in time for a local Pride🏳️‍🌈 event. Whether you chip in financially or just signal-boost, any assistance you provide is appreciated! I'll get to be my true self, thanks to you ❤️